What Requirements Do You Need To Obtain Personal Loans?

“I want a personal loan.” Has this idea ever crossed your mind? If you have already tried to apply for a “traditional” loan (for example, through a bank), you have probably noticed that many loans have requirements that are almost impossible to meet. At Tom Sawyer Mexico we want to show you that getting an online loan is much easier.

Keep reading to find out how you can access our personal loans with very simple requirements:

Personal loans: basic requirements

  • Being a Mexican citizen: Tom Sawyer Mexico is part of 4Finance, one of the most important financial groups in the world. Currently, we offer personal loans in 17 countries. If you are in Mexico and you want to request a loan through Tom Sawyer it is necessary that you be Mexican.
  • Be between 20 and 65 years old. Unlike other types of loans, we provide our clients with a much more affordable alternative financing in terms of age ranges.
  • Be an employee or independent professional with income on a regular basis. It does not matter if you are a plant in your company, you are freelance or you have your own business. At Tom Sawyer Mexico we offer personal loans to all people who have a stable source of income.
  • Have a cell phone and an email. Since the entire process is carried out through the Internet, it is necessary that you provide us with a telephone and mail to maintain an effective and timely communication. All notifications about the status of your loan are made by cell phone or email.
  • Complete all the information required in the loan application. To avoid setbacks when processing your application, you should check that all the information is complete and correct. Nothing can be left blank.
  • Submit your official ID When your application has been pre-approved, you will have to upload the image of the front and back of your IFE or INE. Verify that it is valid before uploading it to your profile.
  • Have a CLABE account number. This is probably one of the most important requirements, since without it we could not make the deposit of the money to your account. Check the 18 digits very well on your statement so that there are no problems when making the transfer.

Personal loans without requirements: a danger to your finances

Personal loans without requirements: a danger to your finances

Maybe somewhere you find that you can borrow without any requirements. However, tempting as it may seem, we suggest you avoid these services. When someone offers loans without requirements is a scam alert. Please, do not risk your finances for false promises.

When you need extra money, be safe. Apply for loans with simpler requirements in Tom Sawyer Order your first loan today and take advantage of our 0% interest promotion. You just have to fill out the form, upload the photo of your ID and send us your CLABE so that we can deposit your loan directly to your bank account. Everything in less than 24 hours!